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Rundle Academy

Big Mountain offers a wide range of activewear and other product options. At Rundle Academy, the majority of our orders placed are the Under Armour brand. We have ordered UA basketball and volleyball jerseys, hoodies, long sleeve warm ups, and t-shirts. Other brand items include bandanas, buffs, water bottles, golf hats, and lanyards.

Rylie and his team have demonstrated excellent timely and clear communication over the past four years. Our representative, Amber, always offers an abundance of information about the products being suggested, as well as options for materials and design. She keeps all of our orders within budget and if a product isn’t available on the wholesale side, she does her best to find the items on the retail side. When completing the jersey design process, she is quick to make changes and really listens to what we are looking for. She offers advice and feedback to the uniforms, as she deals with many schools and has seen what works and what doesn’t in regards to colour and font options.

-Rundle Academy