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At Big Mountain, we strive to provide the latest technology to make customizing your uniforms as easy as possible, while still ensuring you get exactly what you are expecting. That’s why we have partnered with multiple vendors, each with their own online process, allowing you to customize your teamwear and uniforms directly online.


Under Armour has an online uniform builder page. When you launch the builder below, you can follow the steps and complete the process. Once you are finished, you can either share the Web Reference # with us, or provide us with a copy of the PDF produced by the builder, and we can finish the process from there.

Big Mountain SUblimation

Big Mountain sublimation can be customized right here on our website, and the results can be sent directly to our sales team. Whether you need school or team uniforms, custom headwear, or any other custom clothing, our online solution makes it easy to get great results.


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